Child Safety

Nothing is more important than Child Safety.

Keeping your child safe from the dangers around your home.  Sometimes we don’t notice the dangers that may cause harm to your exploring baby that is learning about everything.  We are so use to things that we don’t notice.  Please don’t let them learn the hard way.  Let us help you help yourself.  Child safety is so very important!

Play “I Spot Something Hot” with your child.

We have lots of products available to support your child’s safety.  Please consider these items as you look around your home for dangers. 

Baby Safe Supplies offers child safety locks and latches for the cabinets in every room in your house, refrigerator locks, oven latches and stove knob covers for the kitchen.

Child safety Bathroom locksChild safety locks for bathroom drawers, medicine cabinets, door locks, toilet locks and even appliance locks and latches. .

Baby proofing products such as child gates for stairs, doorways and entryways.  They come in a variety of sizes from the narrowest to the widest openings.

Child Safety GatesFor electrical safety we offer sliding safety plates and covers for standard and Decora outlets, child-safe nightlights, power strip covers and electrical cord kits.

Child Safett Electic outlet covers

Furniture Safety items like corner cushions, edge cushions, Safety straps for TV’s and Electronic Equipment.  furniture safety

Electronic strap


Of course we also feature products to keep you entire famChild Safett Fire Ladderily safe such as fire safety items and baby escape bags, carbon monoxide detectors and first aid kits.Child Safett baby fire escape bag

Click on our Products Page to see more items.

Whether it’s one room or your entire home, our focus is on child safety.  We offer the best selection of baby proofing products with an experienced customer service to answer your product and installation questions.

We also know that prompt delivery is essential.  In most cases we offer same day delivery.


May your home be Baby Safe and your family grow and be blessed.

Mark Dial



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